You May Be Asking: Is Proper Funding Legit? An In-Depth Review

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At Proper Funding, we are proud of our history helping people make a plan to manage their potentially burdensome debt. In this article, our goal is to provide you with a clear and comprehensive understanding of our expertise and our services. We recognize the challenges of handling debt, but with Proper Funding, you can have confidence that we will guide you through your options and help you find a solution that works for you.

Why Proper Debt Consolidation Works

Opting for Proper Funding for your debt consolidation needs offers several key advantages:

  • Simplifies your debt repayment process, by replacing multiple debts with differing interest rates with a single, fixed-rate loan and a single monthly payment.

  • Can save you money by replacing your current, high-interest credit card rates with a lower loan rate. What rate you qualify for depends on each lender’s qualifications, but we are confident we can match you with a suitable deal.

  • Gives you a firm timeline for when you will be out of debt. No more receiving your monthly statements and deciding what to send this month. Instead, you commit to repayment terms and a loan term — and then know exactly when you will make the final payment and be debt-free.

We Find the Right Solution for Managing Your Debt

At Proper Funding, we recognize that each person's financial situation is unique. That's why our approach is tailored to meet your individual needs. When you select Proper Funding, our debt consolidation loan process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation, handled by one of our experienced financial consultants who have been helping people just like you since we began Proper Funding in 2018. This assessment helps us survey the landscape and find the right solutions for your circumstances.

We Can Help with More than Credit Card Debt

It's important to note that Proper Funding's debt consolidation loan covers a wide range of debts, including credit card debt, personal loans, medical bills, and most private student loans (not including those funded by the U.S. government). While we strive to offer comprehensive solutions, it's important to note that we cannot assist with secured debts, such as mortgages or auto loans.

When evaluating whether a debt consolidation loan is right for you, it's essential to consider the potential benefits. Consolidating your debts with Proper Funding not only simplifies your financial obligations but also provides you with a clearer path toward becoming debt-free. By reducing your interest rate and monthly payments, our loan empowers you to make substantial progress in paying off your debt and regaining financial stability.

When Debt Consolidation Loans Aren’t the Right Fit

While there are numerous advantages to choosing a debt consolidation loan, we also want to ensure that you are fully informed about why you might decide against one. Some lenders may charge fees associated with the loan, so it's crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions before committing. Additionally, extending the repayment term could result in paying more interest over time. At Proper Funding, we prioritize transparency and encourage our customers to thoroughly assess the terms and conditions of our loan so you are able to make a clear and informed decision.

You can Live a Life Free of Debt — and Proper Funding Can Help

We also try to support our clients as they learn to build new and healthy financial habits, so they do not find themselves back in debt again. Check out our Managing Debt Resources section to find articles that can help you become a savvy financial consumer, including this one sharing tips on how to reduce debt, amongst many other useful blog posts.